Peculiar Hotels part II

Today I'll be showing you the Propeller Island City Lodge from Berlin, Germany. The crazy art hotel rooms designed by Lars Stroschen in 2001 go by the motto "live in a work of art" let you sleep a live in a room that in itself is art. Each room with it's own theme (like "Flying Bed", "Mirror Room", "Freedom", "Nudes" and many more..27 from what I could tell) you can choose the piece of art you want to spend the night in to your liking. The prices seem more than reasonable taking in acount the experience that is offered , per night the room prices range from 69€ to 115€, for each additional person the price goes up by 15€ and the breakfast costs the modest amount of 7€. I personaly think that for the variety and experiecne that this german hotel has to offer the price is quite reasonable and it's worth the money, but once I spend my first night there I will try and bring you a more in detail report. I recomend looking at their homepage (http://www.propeller-island.com/) for more details and check out the info section (http://www.propeller-island.com/rooms_neu/pdf/index.php) for more details about getting there, payment issues and reservation. As usual I'll be leaving some pics for you to check out, enjoy!


The XX

The XX, consisting of Jamie Smith, Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim (former band memeber Baria Qureshi Left in 2009), are a band from london formed in 2005. Their are music style is defined as indie pop/indie rock although personally I feel that they are so mcuh more and you will hear out strong elements of synthie pop-rock and alternative. Their debut (and only) album XX has made it to the platinum in UK, the album placed 9th on rolling stones best of year list and 2nd for the NME best of the year list. The band was also placed at 6th in the NME "The future 50 list". Their songs have been used for various tv series (like gossip girl, lie to me and many more) and specialy their album song "Intro" has been used for many comercials. In september 2010 the band won the Barclycard Mercury Prizefor their debut album (good start with a first album if you ask me).

As always I prefer leaving you with some music videos so you can make your own impression of this band, which I personally consider one of the top (if not the top) up and coming band to look out for in the next years!!!

Peculiar Hotels part I

It's time to look at some of the most peculiar hotels on (and beyond) earth, to see how you can make your holiday night stay be the real highlight of the journey!

Let's start of with the very futuristic hotel that is going to be launched (really, it's going to be launched into space) in 2012. The founder, Xavier Claramunt, brought the project to life in 2007 and the HQ is in Barcelona, Spain. As far as I could find out the flight would cost 200,000$(I'm assuming per flight) and the 3 night stay would cost 3,000,000€. The project will start with a single pod that can hold two pilots and 4 guests, the guests will be able to enjoy seeing the sun rise 15mins a day from the weightless spa and they will be orbiting the planet every 80mins at a speed of 30,000 Km/h

Every buisness needs a card!

Today I wanna sho you guys some of my favourite buisness cards that I was able to find (ok, I didn't find them.. someone showed them to me and all I'm doing is choosin my favs)...

(ctrl+alt+del... great pun for the modern shrink)

(a very inovative version of the typical matches publicity)

(morbid, but catches the eye)
(going green seems like a a catchy idea to catch alot of attention)

I'd like to thank http://omundodolce.blogspot.com/ for for getting showing me all the great buisness cards! I also have to thank her for the great new blogg design!!!!!